Monday, December 06, 2010

Athletic Shoe Usage Cycle

As I've become older, it seems more important for me to have good athletic shoes for my sports activities. Since I have flat feet, my joints are less sore after vigorous activity when wearing good shoes. However, athletic shoes are often designed specifically for a sport and last less than a year. To mitigate the cost of ahigher frequency purchases, I extend the use of the shoes by cycling them through normal usage. Here is a typical cycle of my athletic shoes:

  • Exclusive use for a sport. Initially, I wear the shoes for the sport for which they are intended. Tennis shoes are only worn when I play tennis. Running shoes are only worn when I run. As a result, the shoe uppers are still in excellent condition after the soles and cushioning are worn out.

  • Use for casual activities. After sports use, I wear my athletic shoes for everyday activities such as shopping, attending classes, and running errands. Since the uppers are still in good condition, I can use the shoes for most casual wear activities, including restaurants and parites. In addition, the cushioning is still excellent for everyday walking.

  • Use for yard work. When the condition of the uppers decline, I start wearing the athletic shoes for yard work, such as gardening, tree trimming and grass cutting. Since the shoes are old, I don't mind if they get muddy or stained. I keep using these shoes until they are worn out or a new pair is rotated in from casual wear use.
  • By wearing my athletic shoes for multiple purposes, I maximize the useful life of my tennis and running shoes. Thus, I don't feel as bad spending $80+ for specialized sports shoes.

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