Sunday, December 05, 2010

2011 - A Pivotal Year

Financially, 2011 could be a make or break year for our retirement savings. Here are a couple areas of concern:
  • Economy - Recovery or double dip? I have been expecting recovery. However, the Friday unemployment report of 9.8% was discouraging. I still believe recovery is the more likely scenario given that many businesses are doing well. Hopefully, employment will increase once businesses have more visibility government business and tax policy.

  • Stock market - Bull or bear? I am expecting positive stock market return for 2011, but am prepared for a possible bear market. Recently, we have put more funds into equities. We plan to take profits as the market advances. Also, I will be more prepared this time to short stocks if the economy turns bad again.
  • As long as the economy continues to recover and stock market returns are at least flat, I believe we can stay in retirement. However, if another recession or significant bear market should occur, our plan to stay in retirement may need to be revised.

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