Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reversing my Pack Rat Behavior

In late 2009, we began a process of decluttering by donating or discarding items we no longer needed. We did as much as we could and put the process on hold in 2010 since we would not be able to deduct charitable contributions. In 2011, we will renew our effort on decluttering and, hopefully, complete the task before the end of the year. Here are some of the psychological and financial benefits we expect from decluttering:

  • Less work. In my experience, everything requires maintenance. More things means more maintenance. More maintenance means more work and time spent to keep the item. The reverse it also true. Fewer things means less maintenance work and more time.

  • Increased space. Typically, our stuff expands to fill the space we have. We have only used outside storage when we transferred overseas and couldn't take all our belongings. Otherwise, we have never rented outside storage. I definitely do not want to start now that we're retired. In fact, I'd love to free up some space in our house.

  • Extra cash or higher deductions. For items in good condition, we can either sell them at a yard sale or donate them to a charitable organization. Our preference is to donate to a charitable organization and take the deduction on our tax return. In our experience, donations take much less time and effort than a yard sale.
  • I am looking forward to experiencing these benefits in 2011. In fact, I am already gathering items to make our first charitable contribution on January 3, 2011.

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