Friday, December 17, 2010

Senior Discounts Begin at 50

This year, I decided to do some of my Christmas shopping at a Premium Outlets Mall. In preparation, I looked at their website to maximize my benefits from shopping there. Much to my surprise, I learned that some of the stores had a 10% discount for seniors age 50 and older on Tuesdays. I had previously thought that the earliest senior discounts began at 55 with most senior discounts starting at 60 or 62.

Since I'm 52, I visited the Premium Outlets on a Tuesday and took advantage of senior discount. Two of the three stores in which I made purchases offered the 10% discount for those 50 and older. At one store, the 10% discount was in addition to sale prices that were already 40% off. I'm definitely planning to make another trip on a Tuesday to do some after Christmas shopping:-)

For curiosity, I checked the Internet for other senior discounts that start at 50. There were four:
  • Banana Republic
  • Choice Hotels
  • Kmart prescriptions
  • National Car Rental.
  • Most of the other senior discounts start at 55, 60, 62 or 65. Here is a Senior Discount Directory that I found at A significant number of senior discounts are at restaurants, but there are also senior discounts at hotels, department stores, and grocery stores.

    It's nice to get a few benefits from being older. I hope these senior discounts, especially the ones at grocery stores, are still in effect when I reach the appropriate age.

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