Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tipping Points for My Weight Loss

For my 2008 New Year's resolution, I had set a goal of losing 10% of my weight. In September 2010, I achieved that goal for the first time. It took me 20 months (8 more than expected) to reach my goal. During this time, I've noticed that my weight loss seemed to happen in spurts, across similarly sized increments. It almost seemed that there was a tipping point that lead to a spurt of weight loss. Here are my observations of the changes that led to the tipping points:
  • Reduced eating. The first 2.5% of weight loss came after simply cutting back on my food intake. I just ate less. However, I was constantly hungry and plateaued at 5% less weight.

  • Started exercise program. The next step was to begin an exercise program. As a retiree, I was able to join my company health club for a reasonable cost. I began a doing a weight training program for three days a week. I lost another 2.5% but no more.

  • Increased exercise. Although I could only to strength training three days a week, I added some cardio workouts and achieved 6 days a week of exercise. Off came another 2.5% but I was stuck at 7.5% weight lose

  • Changed diet. The final 2.5% loss came when I reduced the amount of bread, cheese and wine/beer in my diet.
  • In September, I was within one pound of my weight at the start of college. However, during the holiday season, I have been enjoying the holiday festivities a bit too much, especially with respect to food. I've gained about 2.5% in the past month. At this point, I'm not too concerned since my exercise has also dropped off significantly. I believe I can sustainably maintain the 10% weight loss by renewing my diet change and boosting my exercise back to three days a week.

    However, to lose an additional 5%, which will be my 2011 goal, will probably require another one to two tipping point actions on my part.

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