Monday, December 27, 2010

Fighting the Winter Blues

Every year, as the days get shorter, I feel less energetic and less productive. In the past, I tried taking vitamin D and doing outdoor exercise, but these activities seemed to have minimal impact. So I lived with the lower energy state until spring. This year I'm going try something different.

For Christmas, my wife gave me a 4500 lux natural spectrum light, which can help reduce the winter blues. I plan to use the light for about an hour every morning right. I've set the light right by my desk in the den and will turn in on when I do my morning work on the computer.

So far, I've used the light for two consecutive mornings. I have felt an increase in energy and an improvement in mood. At this point, it's difficult to conclude whether it is a placebo effect or a real change. For now, I plan to continue to use the light regularly.

In addition, I will begin taking vitamin D3 and doing some outdoor exercise again. Hopefully, the combination of the three activities (natural spectrum light, vitamin D3 and outdoor exercise) will successfully fight my winter blues.

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