Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Brain is Trapped in a Fifty-Two Year Old Body

One of my challenges with getting older is my brain still competes like my body is twenty years old. For example, in my tennis league, my brain wants me to run after balls that I could get in my twenties. However, my fifty-two year old body is often one to two steps short even though my brain knows where I should be. Most of the time, my body wins over my brain. Occasionally, I get overzealous and my brain takes over. In those cases, my brain has caused a pulled muscle by telling my body to move faster than possible for a forty or fifty-something athlete.

My solution is to make sure I play against forty to fifty year old competitors most of the time. While my brain still competes on a twenty year old level, I know my body can only be sustainably competitive against peers at my age level :-)

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