Saturday, January 07, 2012

Five Outrageous Predictions for 2012

"It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." ~ Yogi Berra

This is the time of the year to make predictions about 2012.

Obama starts governing.  President Obama wakes up one morning and realizes that he is the incumbent and that campaigning for hope and change won't work again.  Instead of blaming others, he adopts Harry Truman's desk sign of "The buck stops here."  Obama begins working a bipartisan economic solution for passage in the summer of 2012.

Michele Bachmann poses in Playboy.  Scott Brown, the junior senator from Massachusetts, posed in Cosmopolitan before his career as a politician.   After a poor finish in Iowa, Ms. Bachmann evaluates her options to become a viable candidate in the Republican primary.   When Ms. Bachmann successfully reinvigorates her campaign, Ron Paul decides to try same strategy.

Stock market hits record high. In anticipation of a government that supports opportunity over entitlement, the stock market surges to an all time high for the Dow.  Stocks become the preferred vehicle for savings and investments.   IPOs, e.g. Facebook, jump 100-200% on the first day.   Traders and investors are euphoric once again.

Republicans take Presidency, Senate and House.   The Republican Presidential candidate (no prediction on who) does a pivot.  Instead of supporting entitlements for business and the wealthy, he runs on an "opportunity" platform which resonates with the American public.  The Republicans win in a landslide victory.

End of the world in 2012.  In late November 2012, the end of the world forecast by Harold Camping Family Radio network happens.   All conservatives around the world are taken from earth leaving only liberals who decide all remaining people are entitled to $1 million a year in government support. The Occupy movement loses momentum since they are now the 100%.

So there are the My Wealth Builder predictions for 2012.  In December 2012, I'll review the percentage I got right.

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