Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wisdom on Longevity

I like to learn from the experience of others .   Often, the experience of those who were successful and unsuccessful can help me think through the challenges I'm facing.   One my recent concerns is the quality of life  as I get older.  Since I play golf with someone in his eighties, I quizzed him on his advice on longevity and being so active at his age.

He had a simple answer:  don't smoke, stay thin and exercise.  Here's how I'm doing in those categories.

  • Don't smoke.  Fortunately, I do not smoke, except for an occasional cigar, which occurs about once every five years. I don't expect to take up smoking either. 
  • Stay thin.   He clarified this statement as, "Don't eat too much."   My corollary is that there are not  many fat men in their eighties.   While I eat much less than I did  in my youth, I'm still about 7% above the maximum of the weight range.  I need to get back to below my weight in high school to be within the ideal weight range.  I've been close since retiring, but I haven't been able to hold the weight for more than a month yet.
  • Exercise.  While I do get exercise, it's probably not enough.  I've started jogging again about three times a week.  I also play tennis a couple times a month, down from once a week.   I'll also probably do some light weight lifting.
Also, I would add the importance of having challenging interests, which he does.  For example, in preparation for our golf matches, he practices a couple times a week and still takes lessons.  Hopefully, I'll be as successful as he is for having a long and active life.
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