Friday, January 20, 2012

My Golf Confession

I'm retired and I don't love golf.   In fact, I don't even like golf all that much.  However, I do enjoy golf when I play.  To Love Golf, Just Play Once a Year from The Wall Street Journal summarizes how I feel about golf.  I bought a nice set used clubs eight years ago at a rummage sale when we were living in Japan for about $40, bag included.  (I didn't take my clubs to Japan and then decided I had to play golf at least once in Japan.) Prior to 2010, I played about two to three times maximum a year.  I didn't practice, take lessons or invest in new equipment to get better.  I was in control, not golf.

In 2010, I accepted a volunteer job of playing golf with a handicapped person.  We play on an the same executive nine hole course on a weekly basis.   On good days, I'll get the rare birdie or the occasional par.   I only have three or four good golf days in a year.

Even though I've played more golf in the past two years than my entire previous life, I am still in control.  I still don't practice, take lessons or invest in new equipment.   So even I don't expect to be better than a hacker, I am still enjoying golf. 

If golf ever stops being fun, I just won't play any more.  Or so I think for now :-)   
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