Sunday, January 15, 2012

Renaissance Man II

In the post Renaissance Man, I wrote how I was taking a variety of continuing education courses at 1-1/2 years after retiring.  I was taking courses in a variety of skills that I didn't have time to develop while working: Masonry, Electrical Wiring, Gourmet Cooking and Residential Landscaping.  I learened enough to be able to do minor work around the house in each area.

Since then, I have also worked in a number of different part time jobs unrelated to the career from which I retired:  Census Clerk, Park Staff, Tutor, Tax Preparer, Teacher, and non-profit Executive Director.   I've also done a little work in my field of expertise as an R&D consultant.

For most of my working career, I was mostly focused on one product and one major skill.  Retirement has provide me the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills and work a variety of new jobs, which I very much enjoy doing.

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