Friday, January 13, 2012

Retiree Workers Clash with Corporate Culture

A year ago, I noted how the company for which I did seasonal part time work was changing and how it wasn't what I signed up for.  However, last year the office still had the same office manager we always had.   So the office did the minimum needed to comply, which kept the long time staff happy. However, this year the office manager was demoted to staff and replaced by a hand picked employee.  The new office manager is seriously talking and walking the company line and it isn't going over well with the staff, most of which are retired from much larger companies, are near retirement or are part time working parents. None of the staff is interested in the corporate bureaucracy the change will bring.

Although I am an experienced staff person, I am not usually part of the controversial discussions in our office.  However, I overheard the new office manager discussing a mild confrontational interaction she had when directing a staff to do a task (I think).  I've been told one of the mid seniority staff may leave at the end of this month.  Another of the more senior staff complained to me that a requested task being done was "ridiculous."

I expect the new office manager to continue to implement the company plan, which will be good for the company.  I also expect that many experienced staff people will decide this isn't what they signed up for.  I hope the company figures out one of its valuable assets is its part time season retiree work force that likes the work but wants to avoid the bureaucracy, which should be left to the career full time workers to handle.

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