Friday, February 03, 2012

Avoiding Time Wasting Technology

Are We Worse Off Than Our Parents? made me think about the innovations that changed my parents' and our lives.    My conclusion is that most of the innovations for my parents saved time, money or both.   Some examples are the microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, vacuum, washing machine and dryer, which all became common appliances during my parents lifetime.  While most of these appliances are costly, they easily reduce the work time by 70% or more.   On the other hand, I would classify the TV as a major time waster innovation, with people spending an average of 2.7 hours a day watching programming. 

During my lifetime, the personal computer and the Internet have been great time saver innovations.   I can do mathematical work and research in significantly less time than before.   With spreadsheets I can keep track of our financial situation with less than a hours work each month.  With the Internet, I can get answers to questions in minutes, when it used to involve significant investment of time, including travel to the library.  The digital camera is another time saver, allowing me to save only the good pictures and store them electronically.

To me, many electronics and social networking enablers are time wasters including flat screen TVs, video game players, cell phones, and Facebook.    These items result in activities that take time away from the important elements of my life.   I've seen how these items suck away time from other people and I don't what that to happen to me.   Now that I realize I may only have fifteen good years (180 months, 5475 days, or 131,400 hours), I want to make the most of time.  So for now, I still have no flat screen TV, video game player, cell phone nor a Facebook account to take my valuable time.

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