Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cutting Back on Bread

Bread is one of my favorite foods. I love sandwiches and dinner rolls.  However, I just read about bread being the number one source of sodium in a typical diet.  Snack foods, such as potato chips, actually ranked 10th.

I've always been careful with salt.  My principle is to never add salt since I already get enough sodium in processed foods.  However, I didn't realize how much.  A slice of bread can contain 80 to 230 mg of sodium with the daily recommended maximum being 2350 mg.  So four slices of bread could use up 10-40% of the recommended maximum.   Unfortunately, cold cuts and pizza, two of my other favorites, were second and third on the list.

So starting today, I'm cutting back on bread when eating at home.  Tonight, we ate hamburgers without bread by sandwiching the meat between two large leaves of lettuce.  I will continue to limit the amount of bread the rest of the week and determine if I can get to a very low bread diet at home.

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1 comment:

K. W. Callahan said...

I read this the other day as well and was surprised to find bread on the list. For years, my mother has been saying that to lose weight, bread is a good one to cut out of a diet.

Amazing what moms know;)