Monday, February 13, 2012

No Eating After Dinner

One of my goals is to get down to my starting college weight, which is a 10% loss from my weight at retirement..  Although I have achieve the weight twice, I haven't been able to maintain it.  Typically, I will hold the weight for about a week and then regain about 2-3% of the weight lost.

Although I've used a number of strategies for losing and maintaining my weight, there is still one I haven't done:  not eating after dinner.   This has a few benefits.  I am not eating for about14 hours (6PM to 8AM) and therefore, will be using calories stored in my body.  I go to bed earlier because I'm not snacking and feel tired.  I get up earlier because I am hungry and can't wait to eat a big breakfast.

I've been doing this for about a week and I've lost about 1% of my weight.   It also feels like this approach is sustainable.   So I'm going try this approach for the rest of February and check my results.

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AlexCalder said...

Looks great! Good luck to your weight loss plan.

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