Thursday, February 23, 2012

Imparting Wisdom

"Good decisions come from good judgement.  Good judgement comes from experience.  Experience comes from bad judgement." ~ paraphrase from new hiring training in Liars Poker.

I enjoy watching my  daughter learn and grow up.  She loves to be doing things that older children and adults do.   She is learning what she is capable of doing and she is motivated to try some new things.  Occasionally, she will venture into activities or areas that she shouldn't try yet.

I know my seven year old daughter often wonders how I know what she's been up to or how I can guess what she's thinking.   She still hasn't figure out that I once had the mind of a seven year old boy.   (Some might claim that I still do :-)   Simply, I've been there and done that and my daughter actions will remind me of what I did next.   So I can sometimes anticipate the next action she is considering and help her make a good decision.

At seven, my daughter still gives me some credit for knowing a little bit more than her.  She will listen to coaching tips for most areas, but generally not in math homework.  So my experience does benefit her

The same phenomenon happens also for the college students and young professionals with whom I work.   By that age, some of the individuals no longer believe that my experience is relevant to their situation.   After all, it's been over 30 years since I was in their situation.  In fact, some individuals feel they are already far better prepared than those that preceded them.  So I don't provide unsolicited guidance to people in this age group.

However, for those that ask, I am always willing to provide my perspective.

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