Thursday, February 09, 2012

Transition from Young to Old

One way I think about aging is a continuum of potential and capability.   A newborn baby is 100% potential.  He has the potential to become or do anything in the future.  However, he has 0% capability since he is unable to do anything productive yet.  As he gets older, potential will decline as he shows preferences and dislikes.  On the positive side, he will also develop new capabilities.

To me,  aging is the transition of potential from 100% to 0% or a transition of capability from 0% to 100%.  Being old is having low potential and high capability, being good at some things but not being able to expand. Being really old is having no potential and only having capability, which may start declining.

My key to staying "young" is to have an attitude of  keeping my potential relatively high (versus peers), and preventing declines in capability.   As my daughter once showed me, looking forward to the "new ones" can be a way to maintain a youthful perspective.

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