Monday, February 06, 2012

Waiting for the Greek Default

Although the market may continue to rise, I plan to maintain our cash position until March 20, 2012, the date of a potential Greek default.    I have no confidence in the EU politicians to negotiate a refinancing that isn't effectively a default.  I also have no confidence in the Greek government to actually govern and do what is needed.   At this point, I am uncertain of what the market reaction will be when the Greek default actually occurs.  While the default is likely, I don't know if the market will react positively or negatively once the default occurs.  However, I do believe the market will continue to rally up to the final date a default can be avoided.   The market wants to believe the crisis can be solved :-)

So for now, I will continue to hold the positions we have.  If my company stock advances, I will use the opportunity to execute the remaining stock options that expire in 2012.  If the stock advances significantly, I may even sell options that expire in 2013 or 2014.    Otherwise, I will continue to wait for the market decline that I have been expecting since the summer of 2011.

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