Saturday, February 25, 2012

How the Economy Will Help Obama Get Re-elected

President Obama's re-election campaign will be helped no matter what the economy does.  A better economy will help get Obama re-elected and a worse economy will help Obama get re-elected.  Here's how I see both sides helping Mr. Obama.

  • Improving economy.  This one is easy.  If the economy gets better, President Obama will claim credit.   Even with the current poor economy, the Obama re-election campaign has published an infographic on how jobs are being created (or saved :-).

  • Declining economy.  If the economy gets worse, President Obama will continue to blame the previous administration.    The administration will provide more bailouts, unemployment extensions, and other government handouts to unemployed and underemployed voters.   He will make the case that he "deserves" another term since the economy needs more than four years to fix.

  • I look for the economy to be a non issue in the 2012 campaign. Either way, the economy will benefit President Obama's campaign.

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    1 comment:

    AS said...

    Republicans have resorted to outright lies this election cycle. Yourself included. I think you're too smart to be duped by Republican politicians and pundit spin, you're actively and consciously propagating it.

    The economy has experienced job growth for 24 consecutive months. It's a fact that you simply choose to ignore.

    Only Republicans are stuck in the pretense this is a bad, declining economy. Any objective measure will tell you it's not. It's a recovering economy but with the potential for relapse.

    The most significant tailwind benefit to the President in this election is the extremely weak Republican candidates and the clear view that none of them is worth of office. They are either dangerously extreme right, unstable and immoral, or will tell you anything you want to hear, dishonestly, just to get elected. The voters see that.

    If Obama wins, the blame will square lie with the fact that the Republican party has lost its way, has no place for moderates (like Huntsman) and that it's time for the Republican party to split with the Tea Party and find it's true home. A moderate Republican, well funded and without the need for Tea Party voters, would be significantly more electable in a 3-party system than a far-right Republican in a 2-party system.