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Cavalcade of Risk Sesquicentennial

Welcome to the 150th edition of the Cavalcade of Risk. As the name indicates, this Carnival is about risk - e.g. insurance, health, financial, and other types. Thank you to all bloggers who submitted a post to this Cavalcade. I enjoyed reading each one. While every post was a great article, I selected only those primarily related to risk.

Barbara Friedberg presents WHAT'S THE BEST AGE AT WHICH TO EXPERIENCE A STOCK MARKET CRASH posted at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance. A fascinating look at the impact on your portfolio of a stock market crash. The risk varies depending upon the age at which you experience the crash. Rob Bennett wrote this thought provoking guest article.

Emily presents The Costa Concordia Tragedy and the Need for Travel Insurance posted at PT Money Personal Finance. Emily uses the cruise ship tragedy as a springboard for a discussion on the necessity of travel insurance.

Thomas Jensen presents Top 10 Myths About Life Insurance posted at Penge Snak!. Life insurance is among the most misunderstood financial concepts out there. But when you break it down to its components, it’s not that complicated at all: Life insurance just replaces the future income of the people in the risk pool who don’t make it to life expectancy. They do that by taking their premiums and saving it on their behalf – paying claims and investing the difference. This post explores the top ten myths about life insurance.

Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC presents Can you hear the risk? posted at InsureBlog. InsureBlog's Henry Stern explains why the risk of getting hit by a car -- as a pedestrian wearing ear buds -- may be overblown.

Echo presents Health And Dental Insurance: Not Really Insurance posted at Boomer & Echo. Our health and dental insurance plans aren't really insurance - they're just benefits. Insurance is intended to cover catastrophic financial loss.

Jared Wade presents The Risks of Social Media: Developing a Social Media Crisis Response Plan posted at Risk Management Monitor. Social Media Influence highlights the recent bad press Carnival Cruises and McDonalds have received. Fortunately, they also have some advice for companies who suffer such a fate. Enter the social media crisis response plan. They have created a flow chart to help guide your decision making after the worst occurs.

Jaan Sidorov presents A Thousand Dollars Says Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel Is Wrong About The Long Term Prospects Of ACOs posted at The Disease Management Care Blog. Dr. Jaan Sidorov wants to bet former White House golden boy Ezekiel Emanuel MD that he is wrong about the future of U.S. health insurance. Writing in the New York Times, Dr. Emanuel predicts "accountable care organizations" will drive health insurers out of business. Dr. Sidorov draws on the published medical evidence and demolishes all of Dr. Emanuel's assumptions. While Dr. Sidorov wonders why his challenge hasn't been answered, he's not surprised that the White House is in such deep trouble over health reform.... not with advisors like Dr. Emanuel!

Jason Shafrin presents Does Obamacare Limit Profits for Health Insurance Companies in Your State? posted at Healthcare Economist. One of the provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a ACA, a.k.a. Health Reform, a.k.a. Obamacare) is that it limits the profits of health insurance companies. Even though this is a national law, it may not be applied in your state. The Healthcare Economist investigates.

Nancy Germond presents Beware of Pumping and Pedaling posted at Insurance Writer. If you knew what some women are doing behind the wheel, you'd be very, very scared.

Louise Norris presents Retiree-Only Health Insurance Plans and the ACA posted at Colorado Health Insurance Insider. I don’t know what percentage of the population is covered by retiree-only health plans, but it seems that group might be more likely than others to have children who are young adults. I’m sure Sandy and her husband aren’t the only parents to have found out that the ACA doesn’t apply to their retiree-only health plan.

This concludes the 150th edition of the Cavalcade of Risk. The next edition will be hosted at Insurance Regulatory Law.

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