Monday, February 27, 2012

Finding Customers is Job One

My dream of being self employed was being able to focus on what I love to do best.  I soon learned that my view of self employment was not correct.  The number one job of the self employed or small business owner is finding customers, otherwise known as marketing.

No matter how good the product, service or company is, it won't be successful unless people know about it and purchase it.  In my younger days, I always imagined that if I had a great product or service, customers would be beating a path to my door.  Ah...if it were only so easy.

Here's a great example.   One of my part time jobs was working for a franchise.  The workers were doing an excellent job.  The franchise was consistently in the top 100 revenue producing stores, but didn't change ranking very much.  The franchise then changed owners.  The new owner had no expertise in the actual work of the business.  He delegated that work to a general manager.  The new owner made finding new customers his primary job.  The franchise is now in the top 5 of revenue producing stores.

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